Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meadow Gold Dairy gets with it!

YAY! Alyssa came home yesterday so excited to tell me that they had a little celebration at Weber State University when her friend went in to buy strawberry milk and saw that the red #40 had been replaced with beet root powder. Alyssa is a vocal advocate for no petroleum so the friends all knew. I contacted the great people at Meadow Gold Dairy and am pleased to report that indeed, the colors AND artificial flavoring have been replaced in Strawberry and Chocolate milk. Also, the corn syrup has been replaced with sugar. We're not big on sugary milk in general but we'll definitely have a celebration at home for that! I urge you to contact your local producers of flavored milk, especially at schools, to see if this is a possibility for them as well. Here is the response to my question. Danika, We have made some changes to remove artificial colors and flavors out of our formulas as much as possible. Our Tru Moo line, chocolate and strawberry milk now have all natural colors and flavors. This is a permanent change, not going back. We have also replaced HFCS on all the Tru Moo line of flavored milk with sucrose (sugar). You can read the ingredients on the label of the Tru Moo line, see attached nutrition facts. Thank you. Max Torres Quality Assurance Manager Meadow Gold Dairies 3730 W. 1820 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 Email: Office: (801) 907- 0558 Fax: (801) 973- 2750 Cell: (801) 634- 4277