Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dandelion fritters...weeding AND food

This morning I weeded my lawn, and then I made lunch.

Dandelion fritters are one of our favorite springtime treats. Just send the kids out to a natural lawn (you don't want to gather from one sprayed with fertilizer or pesticides) and let them fill up a bucketful of dandelion blossoms.

Just pick off the thin stem, it doesn't taste good, dip in corndog batter or your favorite fritter batter, and fry. We usually just sprinkle them with salt and eat. Sometimes we chop a few of the dandelion greens and mix it with the batter along with some savory herbs. Or, for a truly yummy treat, roll them in powdered sugar after frying. YUMMY!

Our very favorite batter is the corn dog batter that I have listed here.

They're very thin so you don't need much oil when they're frying. They tend to flip themselves over on their own too if the batter is light enough so it's easy.

Get the hang of the dandelion twist to make sure your batter is all over the blossom.


Here's a video of a different way to do them. I love the thick batter on mine but someone might like this.

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