Thursday, March 24, 2011

loved this, where are the blueberries?

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Anonymous said...

Love the information. I for one, love Blue Berry's, and buy them often for my smoothies, and as salad toppings, and have done so for years. I don't like fruit in my baked food. But, I do like fruit on my cereal.

What is disturbing for me is that due to high instances of premature death in my community, due to cancer, I wonder if this poison is not the very cause of it. My family and I look forward to finding excellent snacks during down time, snacks that are good for you. And I thank you for telling us about Heath Valley and Nature's Path. Today I will be going to shop for both. I think you have helped us to put healthy foods in our bodies. Thanks again. I'd like to link it, but, I can't access it, please send link to Thanks, I will share it, and tell others about your helpful blog.