Saturday, May 2, 2009

Popped Milo

WOW! It worked! I tried to pop sorghum after watching a Bizarre Foods episode, then searching for a recipe. I looked for sorghum for months and then while re-loading on my goat feed I noticed the price board said sorghum/milo. 50 lbs were only $9 so I thought I'd try it. If it didn't work I could always feed it to the chickens right?
Well, I put it in my popper and it was great. I found that I had to empty my popper of burned kernels in between batches but other than that it was just the same as popping corn. And, the chickens get the burned ones so there's no waste.
A suggestion, turn on your popper first, get it heated a bit, then add the kernels. It was sweet and we didn't even need butter. And tiny so the baby won't choke on it. And, no icky kernels to break your teeth!
My popped sorghum averaged about 2/3rds of the kernels. The rest will go to the chickens. I heard that if you put it in a container with a little water and let it absorb that it will pop a lot better. I'll let you know in a week when I try it.
I'm sure that sorghum that's packaged for popping would have a much better ratio but I couldn't find it anywhere so I'm making due.
Also, with my air popper I could only put in 1/2 cup at a time. More than that had a lot more burnt kernels. I didn't have the problem of it flying all over the place like some other people have had if they don't put in enough.
See the above link for more tips.

EDITED: I just read that the unpopped kernels at the bottom taste somewhat like corn nuts so I tried them...they're actually good and my kids are downing them now. So sorry chickens, no treats today.

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Anonymous said...

Also found Mini Pops - they sell popped sorghum and with flavors too. Google Mini Pops Inc.