Friday, May 21, 2010

do not color on your face with markers unless you want to react AND look like a hobo

This is a long one...let me start at the beginning, which is a very good place to start.

Adam is playing Jefferson Davis, president of the South in the Civil War, in a wax museum at school. What a fun idea right? He got his costume together complete with top hat, white shirt, and vest and he memorized his lines.

The next night, Ana whacked him HARD with a recorder (the kind you play, people call it a flute sometimes) and gave him a big old black eye. So, he already looked funny but I figured that he'd be fine cause he had his costume. If I needed to, I could put a bit of mineral makeup around it.

Well, the next day I picked him up after dress rehearsal and noticed that I'd picked up a hobo instead. His top had had been crunched, his pants were dirty because the goats jumped up on him that morning while he was feeding them their bottles, and the clincher...he had DRAWN a beard on his face with black markers.

When I asked my brother (who works at the school) if he'd seen Adam he mentioned that he had and was wondering which character he played. I said, "I know, he looks like a hobo." My brother's response..."You mean he's not supposed to be a hobo?"
I told him that he was the president of the South...

pause for hysterical laughter on both ends of the line

Yeah, after quizzing Adam I found that the kids asked their teacher if they could draw beards and he said ok, as long as it will come off. Now, what 11 year old boy is going to have any idea if the marker is going to come off of his face?

pause for more laughter

so, he scrubbed and scrubbed and even used a magic eraser on his face. Now we're down to a crunched hat, a black eye, and a 5 o'clock shadow of black marker. Yeah, he's gonna be playing a hobo today.

ok...more laughter.


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

Not only is there the danger it won't come off, but of poisoning, too. My SIXTEEN year old (read: should have known WAY better) drew a checker board on his whole calf last year. The sharpie warned of contact with human skin. He had to stay home from school the next day with horrible stomach cramps. Seems the ingredient xylene can cause digestive distress.... Hope he never does that again.

Jeanine said...

Fun to read your story... Boys are fun!