Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"my mind is going crazy"

My heartstrings were just tugged and I have to write this post. I have a feed logger and can see what people search for before they get to my site. I saw that someone 4 days ago searched for this, "children says mind is going crazy, uncoordinated, severe mood changes, 5 yr. old".

It really hit me because that was one of our deciding factors to try petroleum free eating. I remember it so well. Andrew said that to me. He said it a few times. "Mom, if just feels like my mind is going crazy and I just can't stop." That was a scary statement. But you know, now that I've been petroleum free, when I sneak, that's exactly how I feel. Especially with red. I feel like my mind just won't settle down, it runs and runs and won't quit, I am fearful and angry with colors, I want to lay on my couch and read and when someone comes near I want to yell. Then, I go to bed and have restless leg syndrome and panic attacks and can't get to sleep for hours.

I want to cry when I read that a 5 year old feels the same way because I know that most of the world doesn't understand and they keep pumping the chemicals in. After all, the FDA does say it's safe...right?


Matschsticks said...

Poor baby... how sad.

Kathy said...

It's helpful to know that other parents are facing the same challenges and then it breaks my heart ot know that another child feels the way mine does:( I hear ya.

bbreck said...

I sometimes feel like you...not the mind going crazy part. Well I just have never described it like that but I think that is what I feel. Never thought that things could be affecting me also. I have a question though. We are trying to go petroleum free. For now we have discovered all the kids are lactose intolerant. And that red dye SERIOUSLY affects my daughters behaviours. Her Grandma snuck her some candy that had that darn red dye. That was yesterday at lunch. Today she is still very agitated and aggresive and keeps having what we call "freak outs." Could a chemical or dye still be causing a problem after that long or could it be something else? Thank you for your help.

Dana said...

Thanks for your questions, I always like questions because it helps me know what to address. My answer will be in my next post.