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Easter Eggs

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Hello and welcome to this 'eggs' issue of Kids Craft Weekly which, in case you hadn't guessed, is really an Easter issue in disguise. If you don't celebrate Easter please don't stop reading – there are still plenty of great ideas that you can take away and apply to other occasions.

It's been a busy few weeks at our place – I am disapointed that we didn't have a chance to try making 'cascarones' which I'd never heard about until subscriber Abigael wrote to me last week. In case you've not heard of them either here are her great instructions:

Image of Cascarones (c) Holly Chase

I saw a version of this in Guatemala and I thought you might enjoy making these. On Easter week the ladies have these huge flat baskets full of bright eggs that have been hollowed out and filled with glitter and flour. They sell them for a few cents each and EVERYONE is gleefully armed with eggs. All are either smashing them on someones head or covered with glitter and flour! The streets are full of kids and adults young and old covered in eggshell and bling!

I make them for my kids to play with in the yard. Here is how.

1. Save up about a dozen egg shells – the more the better. I do it this way – break them open as close to the end as possible, rinse, and store upside down in a crate until dry.

2. Fill the eggs with glitter (skip the flour!), stickers, little tiny chicks, confetti,etc

3. Top with a glued on bit of tissue paper and decorate the outside with paint, markers, etc.

4. When they're dry you can smash them on heads on easter morning – or open them in a more civilized manner to get a gift.

Thanks for writing Abigael and thanks Holly for letting me use your lovely photo. If you'd like some more visuals you can see more wonderful pictures of cascarones on Flickr.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Kids Craft Weekly. If your appetite for Easter crafts still isn't sated you might also want to check out the ideas in this Easter issue from a few years ago.

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

PS. A few weeks ago I removed all the newsletter archives from the website. This created a fair bit of angst from regular visitors so I've put them back up for now :)

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2. Painted foil eggs

These painted foil eggs are great fun for all ages. If you're not into the idea of making egg shapes you can cut the cardboard into any shape you dream of. For a super no-fuss version of this craft just wrap some foil around a paper plate.

You will need

• card
• aluminium foil
• scissors
• paint and brushes
• cotton buds (q-tips), matchsticks and/or wooden skewers


1. Cut some egg shapes from card.

2. Wrap cardboard egg shapes in pieces of aluminium foil.

3. Paint over the top using regular acrylic/tempera paint.

4. While the paint is still wet, scratch out some designs into the paint using a cotton bud or matchstick. If these aren't available simply turn your paintbrush upside down and use that!

5. Allow to dry.

3. Confetti eggs

I find the process of sitting down to make confetti very therapeutic – but then again, I also enjoy colouring-in! If you don't have the patience to make your own you can always buy a fancy ready-made batch from your local newsagent or craft supply shop.

You will need

• colourful paper and hole punch
• coloured card
• scissors
• white glue
• paint brush
• glitter
• string


1. Make confetti by punching holes into colourful paper – it's time consuming but fun!

2. Cut egg shapes from firm and colourful card, then smother with white glue.

3. Sprinkle on some confetti...

4. ...and add some glitter for good measure, and more glitter, and more glitter! My kids *really* like glitter, much more than confetti it turns out.

5. When one side is dry, confetti/glitter the other and punch a hole in the top. Then hang from a window (or wrist) or leave one side blank so that you can use it as an easter gift tag.

4. Paper mache eggs / simple egg picture /

Now here's a craft that tells a story, the moral of which is 'keep it simple'. The premise was sound – paper mache over an egg-shaped piece of foil – but while my six year old enjoyed this craft it was well beyond the capabilities of her three year old brother and it seriously tested the patience of her 35 year old mother! In the end though we found a solution for everyone.

You will need

• aluminium foil
• ribbon
• white glue
• water
• brush
• coloured tissue paper
• tape
• blank paper and marker pen (for the picture)


1. Take a sheet of kitchen foil and scrunch it up into a ball. Once it's scrunched - take some time to press it into a smooth egg shape. Then tie a knot in a length of ribbon and tape it to the top of your foil egg.

2. Take another piece of foil and scrunch it over the top of your first egg, taking care to conceal the sticky tape and the end of the ribbon. Once your foil ball is looking suitably egg-shaped, tear up some pieces of coloured tissue paper and prepare a glue mix from equal parts white glue and water.

3. Start to stick the tissue paper over the foil egg – holding onto the ribbon to keep it from getting stuck down too. Yes, it's quite tricky and very messy!

4. They take a long time to dry but they look very pretty when they do. We spinkled glitter over one of our eggs and we're thinking about painting dots or stripes on the others.

5. When we'd finally finished with the paper mache I presented the disgruntled three year old with the leftover scraps of tissue paper, foil and the watered down glue and gave him a piece of paper with an egg shape drawn on to decorate.

Now *that* was a good idea!

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