Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why do we need the Feingold list?

This was a great post by Molly on a list I frequent. It explains why we need the Feingold list or the always acceptable list and how manufacturers get away with hiding ingredients.

"Lets look at these crackers...Mr. Cheesey crackers have cheese added to the batter in the factory that actually makes/bakes the crackers. But the Mr. Cheesey company purchases their cheese pre-made from the XYZ Cheese Maker. The XYZ Cheese Maker adds yellow dye and cheddar flavor to the cheese in THIER OWN FACTORY...not in the Mr. Cheesey Cracker Factory. Mr. Cheesey Crackers do not have to tell you on the label that their crackers actually do contain the yellow dye and cheddar flavor from the cheese because Mr. Cheesey DID NOT ADD IT TO THE was inadvertently added to the CHEESE by the manufacturer of the cheese. Manufactures are only required to list the ingredients that they actually use to make their product...Not the ingredients used to make the ingredients that go into their products. Unless of course you are talking about an allergen like nuts, wheat, soy or eggs...then you can get a TON of information because they don't want someone to have an anaphylactic reaction and sue them. Sad really."

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