Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great natural help
I had foster boys here for a while who had MRSA staph infection. After tons of research we came across what we felt were some of the best anti-viral, anti-biotic, immune stimulating natural helps around. While they were on these things the staph infections did not show up again. I do not know what happened when they went home. I thought I'd pass them on just in case any of you need to know.
I was reminded about these this morning when I got my Dr. Mercola video. (the link above) He talks about turmeric. For our 2 year old boy we used 1/4 tsp 3 times a day mixed in carob milk. When we are very sick we'll take turmeric in pills, about 3 pills 3 times a day. I ordered mine from mountain rose herbs online. They have great, organic herbs for a wonderful price. I either cook with it, put it in drinks, or capsulate it myself. Don't bother with turmeric in the average store. It's not potent enough.
We also love raw garlic and apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice. Many people use anti-plague but I can't gag down a mixture like that. I make guacamole with a few cloves of raw garlic squished in. Then separately I make a few cups of water with either apple cider vinegar (braggs) or fresh lemon juice plus some raw honey.
In addition to the garlic/lemon mixture we'll usually add some fenugreek tea or capsules or turmeric capsules.
The last final defense for us is Vitamin D. Have you ever noticed that we don't get sick so much when there's sunshine? In the winter or if we're stuck inside of an air conditioned home in dead summer we need Vitamin D and some air. We like to pick a decent weather day and open some windows to air out the house. We also take Vitamin D IU 2000 that we just get from Walmart. It is NOT on the FG list or always acceptable but through muscle testing and experience this year it's been fine for our family. We take one every other day in the non-sunshine times of the year. If we feel like something is coming on we'll take it every day.
You can also buy some fish oils with vitamin D added. If you take fish oil you need to use one from the FG list or do some huge research yourself cause any oil can easily have preservatives. The company we use also gets their fish from non-mercury sources.
I hope that can help a little bit. We have many other natural helps that we use but those are our mainstays.


Jennifer said...

Good info! Thanks!
If you have time, could you list what your kids take as far as supplements and where you get them. It's always nice to learn from others' experience.
Thanks again!

Dana said...

Mostly we eat great takes suppliments because with her GI problems she doesn't absorb well. We all use powdered enzymes with meals and fish oil in the winter. That's it, pretty simple.

Tuan's Princess said...

What company do you get your fish oil from? I am looking for a good source of fermented fish oil. Oh, and we are a gluten-free, dairy-free household.

Dana said...

I get it from Nordic Naturals. I get the one that has vitamin D added back in.