Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ana on artificials

Whoooeee, this is my first kid who I've never seen on colors until now. We've always commented on how much easier and well behaved she is compared to our first 3. Now I know why!
She was sick with a cold, ear infection, and who knows what else for 3 days...did fine, she was listless and sleepy but not mean.
We took her in and got her antibiotics since it wasn't getting better and whowee...within an hour she was crying, hitting us repeatedly, whining, screaming, etc. It's zithromax so it's only once a day. The behavior is terrible for about 5 hours after and then she calms down and is just grumpy but the next dose, watch out!
I'm starting to think the terrible twos just starts when people start feeding their kids crap.


The Gluten-free 'Dish' said...

Just a thought, you may want to try finding a compounding pharmacy that will make meds without artificials.

Dana said...

Yep, definitely for next time! We only have 2 more days on this so I won't worry about it.

matschmomma said...

Go to the Walgreens in Clinton. They know us now and work really hard to give us dye free meds. If you have them do the work for you with your Dr. office they will be able to find a med that will work...for next time.

Angie said...

soooo with you there!