Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I TASTED fake vanilla today!

Today Russ and I snuck churros from Costco. I thought it was a decent sneak since it probably just had fake stuff in the oil it was fried in. How complicated could a churro be? After one bit I TASTED the fake vanilla. Such a different taste from real vanilla. Every breath I took for an hour afterwards tasted like fake vanilla! LOL. I don't know how I used to eat that stuff. It doesn't even taste like food.

I remember when I first tasted sundrops (natural m and m's) and they just didn't taste right. My friend and I were just talking about that. Then, I snuck some m and m's at a party and ALL I could taste was food coloring. I bought sundrops again because I was curious as to their taste and you know what? They tasted great. They tasted like food! Real food! Not chemicals.

Look forward to the day when MSG just tastes too salty, vanillan tastes fake, and red #40 is outright disgusting! It's a great day when you gain your taste buds back.


matschmomma said...

Be careful! The last sundrops we went to by had yellow dye in them.

dolly etta said...

Wow. You are really inspiring me. I have known for some time that the typical American grocery store food is "dangerous" but have not had a chance to really do anything about it until now. I had noticed a change in my daughter, now five and a half, ever since we have been living in America again and she has been on US food and food from preschools. Her kindergarden teacher loves to give out candy and treats EVERY day. Her first two years of life, we lived in another country and had access to lots of other foods. She was a great child back then. Now she gets so much crud in the food around us. She just got her first ear infection and I googled and found this site. I'm trying to figure out what she can eat in order to clear this up fast. We have two days worth of plane rides in less than one week. I'm using homeopathics and herbs but I thought I should do the amoxicillan also just to really beat it. I'm not convinced that it will help that much but how much will it hurt???

Tana said...

The Feingold diet has made my family enjoy life again! My boys love REAL food and don't even sneak the yucky stuff. My boys are 8 and 6 years old and we have been on The Feingold diet since May of 2009. My oldest son has thanked me over and over for making him happy again. When you remove the artificial stuff from your food you really do retrain your taste buds. Foods you once loved soon just don't taste good. The benefits to eating real food is great taste and enjoying life again!