Wednesday, January 28, 2009

easy crockpot dinner, I love coming home to food

So, today we had a basic meal in a crockpot because we have crazy orchestra days where we're gone for 4 hours and we come back home, have 15 minutes, then have to leave again for a church outing.
This morning I put on high in the crockpot a london broil roast ($1.99/lb sale), 2 lbs of cut carrots, 8 potatoes, cubed, filled it with water and 1 TBSP of salt, some garlic cloves, and a bay leaf.
It cooked all day and we came back to a wonderful meal.
We only eat a little meat, mostly the veggies, and then the broth will be used for potato soup another day this week, the meat will be used for sandwiches and the insides of tamales this week.
mmmmmmmmm, how much easier can dinner get?
oh, btw, my crockpot is huge. I always cook on high all day for tender meat, and I usually boil my water in the teapot first.

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