Saturday, January 17, 2009

Purple funeral potatoes...

We were gifted 100 lbs of potatoes yesterday. I was excited but imagine my surprise when I started grating and they were bright PURPLE!
I googled purple potatoes and found that they were Peruvian but are gaining popularity in the U.S.
My kids love anything with big color.
So, today we are having purple funeral potatoes, veggies, and Bryers Neapolitan for dessert.

For the funeral potatoes I raw grated a casserole dish full, added enough milk to almost cover the top, some real butter pats, real sour cream with only cream as an ingredient, and sharp cheddar cheese with annatto grated very finely. These all got mixed together and afterwards I'll taste and salt cause you never know how salty the cheese is. Some of us also like garlic sprinkled on it.

These cook for an hour at least at 350.

BTW, I use way less sour cream and butter and more milk than most recipes call for. I just feel like it's more affordable that way and I can have it 4 times for the cost of 1 normal time.

For lunch we had bagels and lunchmeat with lettuce, and a smoothie just for a quick idea.

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