Thursday, January 29, 2009

My own little brag

I don't talk a lot about Alyssa on here cause she's the kind of SID/ADD kid who floats by life. That's how I was. She's so smart but when on petroleum she spends all the time doodling in her head and can't concentrate for a second on an assignment.
FFWD to these days when she's a FEINGOLD girl...I'm pleased to announce that Alyssa won the Constitution Bowl because she studied hard AND memorized just about a whole book about the U.S. Constitution. She does just great as long as she's eating well. No head doodling anymore.
She won a gold medal, a banner, and $165 certificate to a Constitutional Convention simulation that she has been wanting to go to.

p.s. I don't understand how to move pictures around...that's why they're skewed. She's cute anyway though, right?