Sunday, January 25, 2009

lunch ideas

There's a great discussion on lunchtime ideas on the Feingold board so I'll post a few here. Remember to look on the always acceptable list to see if you need a brand name or if it's always ok.

hummus with veggies, chips, crackers, or pretzels
to make hummus just blend up garbanzo beans, salt, and if desired garlic and tahini.

"jello" blocks with juice and gelatin

Chicken, turkey, shrimp, egg, macaroni, or ANY salad with some crackers or rolls.

Protein balls made with nut butter, agave, honey, carob, raisins, approved nuts, coconut shreds, etc. Combine them all, roll into balls, and roll in something to keep them from sticking like carob powder or more coconut.

Cook chicken legs in bulk and send it cold in a lunchbox. I think any chicken would work for this.

Hard boiled eggs with salt.

Salad with cold meat, hard boiled eggs, or olives

cut up fruit in a container

"trail mix" made from odds and ends of old cereal and crackers

apples and cheese

apples and p.b.

homemade soup in a thermos

any dinner heated and put in a thermos

crackers, cheese, lunchmeat, fruit, let the kids assemble like a lunchable

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