Thursday, January 22, 2009

A frustration

Today I just have a small frustration. I'm sure I've blogged about this before but I'll do it again and probably again later.
I'm frustrated when people say they tried Feingold and they've missed a lot of things. I realize with my kids, especially ds #2, that even the slightest infraction can bring on the symptoms again. So many people will cut out all visible petroleum but not realize all the hidden things.
Ds #2 has severe reactions to hidden BHT in tiny amounts on a package.
Or, if people did Feingold officially but never did the stage 1 or messed around with the () in the book. Many kids have huge reactions to salycylates or corn syrup. For us, we react to every () in the book except for calcium proponiate. I still choose to feed some salycylates although we react because the reaction time is short and they're raw and full of good enzymes.
I've heard a lot of people going GF/CF also to add to the good behavior.
We've done a lot more GF/CF meals since the celiac baby was added to our family and I've noticed a big difference with ds #2.
Also, pasturized milk products. When we get pasturized milk in the wintertime it's hugely obvious that we have behavior problems with it. We rarely buy it but sometimes we do when the goats aren't in milk. The hand thing comes back immediately in ds #2 and they all start to get ecxema.
I can see how when other people try what they think is Feingold and they don't complete it, that things just don't get better and they think it doesn't work.
There's so much more to it than the obvious. For me, absolutely necessary because once I saw the change I just can't go back to how we were. I feel like if I did I would be stealing life from my children.

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