Sunday, January 4, 2009

yummy garbanzos

Today we had a favorite but a little different...

Usually I make garbanzos and serve it with a flatbread type meal. Since we've been going gluten free for my baby we decided to do an eggy pancake instead.

The garbanzos were soaked overnight, then thrown into the crockpot with hot water to cover. I added a pie spice sort of mix, turmeric, stevia, garlic, and salt yet!
Cook this overnight, then in the morning I added salt and cooked till noon.

For the pancakes (trying to replicate somewhat the concepts of injera used to scoop the other stuff) I used a gluten free pancake mix that we'd made previously plus 4 times as many eggs and normal to make them springy.
They worked great and were perfect for dipping and scooping up the garbanzos.

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