Saturday, January 24, 2009

NERDS, sneaking, and Andrew

Well, we'll just try to get through today won't we? LOL

Yesterday after orchestra (we wait for an hour for Alyssa to finish) Andrew started wigging out, a colors reaction, licking things, doing the hand thing, making random eek noises, etc etc etc.
The kids had just shopped with their Mozart money and I thought, maybe he bought something. I asked the teacher and she said no, I didn't let him buy anything cause he didn't bring his Mozart money today.
OK, so what the heck? We had a little talk, I reminded him that he was trying so hard to be honest and that I would be proud of him if he would tell me what he got.

He wouldn't look me in the eyes the whole time (another colors thing) but he showed me a small box of NERDS. I asked him where he got it and he said in the BATHROOM! It was on the floor and it still had 3 nerds in it so he ate them! UGH gross DISGUSTING!

How desperate is my son to fulfill his addiction that he has to eat 3 nerds from the bathroom floor? We had a talk about it and how they were probably full of "potty germs". We also talked about how because his body wanted 3 nerds that he would end up in trouble and in the corner for 3 days. He felt bad and we'll talk about it when he'll remember better.

Just thought I'd share for those of you who think, what could my child have gotten into? Hey, it may have been nerds from the bathroom!

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