Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One mystery solved and...a rant

Well, we went to get the orchestra stuff ready, hadn't played since Dec 10th, and I found a load of candy in Andy's cello case. I've told those gals who knows how many times that he's allergic to a lot of candy and they need to check with me first. They keep offering him candy at parties, usually when I'm there.
Well, during the Christmas concert the parents were watching and they had a party while the other ages played.
He stuffed his case there and was going to eat it at home. He said he ate it once (usually if he gets packaged stuff he'll hoard it for months.
so, that would explain his unexplainable freak out 3 days when everyone else was fine but he was off the wall.
We're to the point now where the people at church are pretty good but dang those orchestra teachers, college kids, they just don't get it!

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