Monday, January 26, 2009

A great day for Elizabeth

A great post from Eileen, a newbie, and in addition she said that this week she has also had 2 people comment on her daughter's intelligence...

I haven't posted since I introduced myself months ago. I have
procrastinated starting the program because I was a bit overwhelmed.
My target child had a horrible week at school last week (first grade)
so I felt I had no choice. I started Tuesday at dinner, and today
the teacher sent home a note commenting on Elizabeth's good behavior -
- two days in a row! -- and asking us if we were doing something
different. *grin* Here is my email to her:

"We saw the note today. I had debated whether or not to tell you and
decided not to. I figured it would be helpful to have an unbiased
observer! We started Elizabeth on the Feingold Program on Tuesday
with dinner. Clearly it is making a big difference already!

Last Thursday, her homework took 2 hours when it should have taken
maybe 20 minutes. It was because of her yelling, whining, and
crying. Even then the only reason it got done is because I told her
she if she didn't finish it, I was going to email you and explain why
it wasn't done. On Monday I forced her to sit down and do the
homework you sent home. Same scene. Yesterday she came home,
watched one TV show, and then got her homework out of her backpack
and sat down and got it done. I didn't have to say anything (beyond
suggesting and spelling words). I was amazed! She was so polite and
helpful at dinner time. I even asked her if aliens had abducted
Elizabeth and replaced her with such a delightful child, which she
found amusing. Today I asked her if she thought the diet was helping
her, to which she nodded vigorously and said she wanted to keep doing
it. She and her dad made that (Feingold-approved) cake this
afternoon. She made that goal, which I didn't think she'd have any
chance of making.

Anyway, I figured you'd share in our joy. It certainly hasn't
magically made her perfect, but if you're noticing a difference in
the classroom without knowing we made that change, it's working!"

We're so excited! I needed to share!!


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