Friday, February 6, 2009

Not a success story but a story

This is from a friend who has a private blog...I'm the kind friend, LOL

"That night C.S. and I had a date night on the fly. We picked up some take out, and brought it back home. I was having a massive craving for sushi, so I went to a local Japanese restaurant and got some. I, erroneously, thought that if it was a reputable restaurant they won't use artificial colors and flavors. So I got myself some smoked salmon Alaska rolls. Oh, they were so good!!! But then it started - the freaking out over everything, the feel of every single heartbeat, the brain never resting. I hardly slept at all that weekend. When I discussed this with my friend, who introduced me to Feingold, she informed me that salmon is usually infused with red #5 to make it pink. Well, the stuff I ate was not pink, it was red! So that is what did it!! It was really scary. By Sunday night I though I was going to die, I thought a heart attack was on its way. But, whenever I did the Wii Fit, my heart did not hurt worse. Logically, I knew I wasn't having a heart attack, but I was not in a normal state of mind, and I was almost going to go to the hospital. Then I found some natural sleep aids in the medicine cabinet, and tried them, and was finally able to sleep for more than an hour at a time. Then Monday, I was feeling a little better. By Tuesday it was over. Red #5 is not OK!!!"

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