Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sausage, egg, cheese muffin breakfast sandwiches

This morning we made our breakfast sandwich that we love. You can make this in several ways. I just use an approved sausage from the Feingold food list but you can find plenty of recipes for sausage if you want to buy plain ground pork and make your own.
Today I used rolls made from an approved frozen dough but we've used bagels, homemade rolls, or homemade biscuits. Use gluten free if needed.
We do normal scrambled eggs with salt
And, sometimes a slice of always acceptable cheese, most of the time we skip the cheese but I thought I'd put it here as an option.

Just assemble and eat.

These satisfy that fast food craving and they're so yummy on a cold day. They're also very portable IF you assemble them while the eggs are still a little moist and HOT. As they cool they'll stick together well enough to stay in the sandwich.

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