Saturday, December 6, 2008

Reasons why NOT to do Feingold

After someone on a list I frequent railed on the Feingold diet, it's a scam, it costs too much, I don't need someone to tell me how I should eat cause I already eat "good" food, I don't want to follow the latest fad diet, people who say we should follow this diet are rude and they make me feel like a bad mom for medicating my child, and finally my kid does so much better on medication and it's not going to help just by changing his diet...I thought I'd voice some thoughts on here for those already interested in finding out more.

#1: It is not a scam. It is a non-profit organization and the reason it costs $80 for your first year is for all of the information as well as the cost it takes to research the products. If you've ever tried to call a company and get a straight answer you'll realize that there are many hours involved as well as overhead costs to get the ingredients within ingredients, which are within ingredients. And yes, that tiny bit makes a huge difference. How much meth does it take to addict someone?

#2 It does not cost too much. If you truly do not have the funds to buy a book, call Feingold and they will work with you to provide a lower cost membership. Or, don't buy a membership, just eat from the always acceptable ingredients. If you cook from always acceptable ingredients you will most likely be saving a ton of money anyway. Yes, if you buy a membership and then only eat things like Lara bars and premade organic, gluten free cookies it will cost you a ton.

#3: You could already eat good food but unfortunately much food that we think is good has petroleum and I would never have known that if it hadn't been for the Feingold program. I never knew that a great box of "organic" cereal could have BHT sprayed on the packaging or that the oil in organic cookies could be preserved. Much less, some of my previous ingredients in my all natural whole wheat bread had petroleum.

#4: It's not a fad diet. It's been around since the 70's, coincidentally at about the same time that manufacturers started using much more petroleum in foods. Moms noticed this "fad" of adding much more petroleum and they started taking "the new fad" out of the kid's diet.

#5: You are not a bad mom for medicating your child IF HE NEEDS IT. I however wouldn't let my child be medicated unless I knew I had tried another obvious and realistic option. When that didn't work, then I would consider medication.
I don't see any point in putting starter fluid in the gas tank if someone filled the gas tank with water first. You need to remove the water and then the regular fuel will work just fine.

#6: How do you know your kid does better on medication than without petroleum? It's apples to oranges. We're talking about removing chemicals that CAUSE a problem and you're talking about adding chemicals to take away a problem. I have yet to meet one person who has truly tried the Feingold diet (membership, stage 1, and no infractions) who can tell me that it didn't make a major improvement. If you can show me that mom I'd be happy to post it to the blog. She may be out there somewhere. Jane talks about knowing one in her whole Feingold career.

There we go, I've blogged it out, now I'll go sleep peacefully tonight.


Sami said...

I agree with you. I watched on Netflix "Frontline: The Medicated Child" and was saddened to see so many kids who could be helped with Feingold, but the doctors just DO NOT suggest diet changes or even know about them helping. It is a sad state of affairs.

High Quality Mothering said...

Thank you for this post... as a mother of a son, stepson & hubby with Asperger's, I can see a huge difference in cutting out the food colorings... I am not for/against parents trying anything, but DO agree with you that you should exhaust all natural things before ADDING chemicals to an already overloaded body...
Thanks for the objective post, once again, I appreciat it.
Kelly K

Carol said...

I think the Feingold diet is a no-brainer. Although my dd was never diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, I was experiencing many behavior problems with her. It was the Feingold organization that opened my eyes to all of the artificial ingredients in our diet. It has made all the world of a difference in our lives, especially in our daughter's life.

Erin said...

We watched that Frontline show and were horrified. It was one of many reasons we have been doing Feingold. I would much rather adjust our diet than medicate my son.