Sunday, December 21, 2008

uh oh!

Argh, here we go! My family is so sweet to think of us when we get together. My Grandma made sure we had everything we could eat except rolls (she offered to make some rhodes for us but I said I'd bring some).
I had told Russ how happy I was that the family was so kind and how we'd be fine for food. So, he helped the kids get food before I knew it. When I came in they were all eating the rolls Grandma had brought. And yes, they were almost done with them. I ran over to the bag to check ingredients before I royally freaked out. Yep, they had artificial flavors and colors.
Russ had to keep tabs on Andrew, he's always the first to react (my pre-asthma kid). And of course he did...getting in everyone's faces, "helping" the baby do handstands and wheelbarrows cause "she likes it", whacking everyone with the blankets that were presents, etc etc etc.
I'm sure tonight we'll be treated to a kid with night terrors trying to wander all over the house as he can't wake up. He stopped peeing the bed during a reaction last year. That's good. He just has to go to the bathroom after he wakes up from the night terror.
When we got home Adam slugged Andrew for no apparant reason. He's usually my easiest kid. It was a hard slug too. His reactions tend to quit earlier also so I'll hope for the best.
So, the moral of the story is...communicate with your spouse, kids, and all involved of your well laid plans.

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