Monday, December 22, 2008

what I've been listening to all day

"you've been punching me all day"
"ow, you don't have to punch me back"
"my hand slipped"
"mom!!!!!!!the boys are fighting again, they're annoying me"
"you're chewing too loud"
"quit talking, you're talking while you're eating"
etc etc etc etc!

They were really good when my friend came over cause they were busy eating...see "C", it was good that you came during dinner.

"oh, pardon me while I go fix another problem..."

ok I'm back...we HAVE to be careful or I'm going to go to the loony bin.

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ldttex said...

Oh Dana,

Don't you just want to share the joy with those who were so generous? I don't follow Feingold as near as I should, but I've figured a couple of triggers...and I get frustrated when people poo-poo my 'discovery'.

Hold on to your sanity...count the hours!