Sunday, December 7, 2008

Source for White Candy Canes

Here's a great source for Christmas Candy Canes. We buy a case of 144 for $15 plus shipping and use it for 2 years.

The picture shows red canes but buy these kind in peppermint all white. You will see a drop down screen where you can choose the last option, peppermint all white.

I hope that if you buy these candy canes you'll leave a little note in the comments section to please keep these all white candy canes around for Feingold safe kids. They went away last year but thanks to members of the Feingold association they are back. That's why I'm posting them here for everyone to see. I hope they sell plenty this year.

Traditional Candy Canes or
Cane Classics

12 Count Cradles

12 count boxes
12 standard canes per case
144 .5 oz canes (cane is 6" tall)

**Order by the case**

Spangler Candy Canes in traditional peppermint and gourmet flavors!

G= green
W = white
MC = multi-colored

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