Monday, November 24, 2008

Annalicia's experiment

And, just to show that this experiment was true here's another story from Annalicia.

Annalicia & her grandfather built a maze together. She taught the 4 mice how to run the maze. The mice were living in 2 separate living quarters. She made sure she fed them food that had no dyes. After several weeks when they had learned the maze, she began timing them each day with all 4 drinking plain water & recording the results for 6 days. The times were averaging in the teens & twenties (in seconds) for running the maze. Then she gave dye water (1/4 tsp per 6 oz. water) to 2 of the mice. She began timing all 4 again. The 2 mice with the dye water averaged well over 100 seconds for the 6 days that she timed them. They were incredibly lost & confused on the maze. Then she went back to giving all 4 plain water & timed them again. All 4 mice were averaging in the teens for all 6 days she timed them. She won first place on the project.
Last year she did the project where she sprouted plants from lima bean seeds. She then planted them & started giving each set (a set was 4 or 5 plants) a different color of dye water & also a set of plain water. They were all given the same amount of light for growth. She recorded the difference in the growth of the different sets. The plain water grew healthy & strong, but the different dye water plants all had different problems (no growth, or spindly vines, or misshapen leaves, etc.) She won first place on this project & the principal's award.

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