Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Questions

We signed up over the weekend too. I still have questions though.

1 - did you start slow or dive right in?

We dove right in, definitely worth it to me, except we didn't do the stage 1 thing. Now I wish we had and we'll probably do it starting in January (It's only 6 weeks, I can live)

I hear a lot of frustration from people who try to just do it here and there because they can never tell if it's really working. Do yourself the favor of diving in.

If the holidays are a problem maybe you can start the stage 1 thing in January.

2 - what did you do with all of your non-approved foods? did you
slowly phase them out or just get them completely out of the house?

We gave them away or I snuck them (don't sneak ;.) or I put them in a separate box for food storage figuring that someone will be able to use them in an emergency. If you keep them around and just phase them out you'll probably still want to serve them and not see the benefits of the total.

3 - what's wrong with pumpkin pie spice? It's one of my favorites for
baking this time of year (and I just bought 2 jars, and I can't find
my receipt), and I noticed it was a NO on the list.

the general rule of thumb is that single spices are ok. A lot of mixed spices have other things included. You can get on the message board and ask if that particular brand has been researched or if anyone uses it without a reaction. A lot of things that aren't on the list just haven't been researched and would actually be ok. Just because it's not on the list doesn't mean it's a no.

I'm sure I'll have lots more questions, but those are the ones I've
been wondering about lately. Thanks so much for the class, Danika! and
thanks to everyone who is so willing to share the info!

You're welcome! Keep trucking, if you can get over the first month challenge you'll have it down pat.

Michelle H

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