Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our story...

I thought I'd run through our success story. It's been a while, I don't remember dates but all I know is we're very grateful for those who put the Feingold program together.

Once upon a time I thought I was going to go nuts. I had several panic attacks and even ended up at the hospital because I felt like I couldn't breath. My daughter was whiny, my boys were crazy. I had to rescue my naked, peeing son from the street one too many times.
We ate very well and much better than the Standard American Diet. We didn't buy sugared cereals, I made bread, we ate many fruits and veggies.
FFWD a few years and my oldest daughter was in a play. I, the sweet and caring person I am, brought jelly doughnuts and other treats for the kids in the play. We also went out for chicken sandwiches, fries, and drinks a lot because we were running around so often.
Child #3 was absolutely out of control for the last 3 weeks of the play. I would complain to my friend and she would say, "you have to get that kid off food coloring." And of course, I didn't listen. That is until I came into the parlor and found my recliner slashed. Not just in one place, but in several. The next day I went to clean behind the couch and found that the WHOLE back of the couch had been cut out. I was raving mad and the next time she said, "you have to get that kid off food coloring" I actually listened.
I googled ADD and food coloring and came up with It saved my life and my son's too. I wept. I thought, that's like giving a kid some crack/cocaine and saying now be good and behave yourself. There's no way. It isn't going to happen.
I ordered my materials and tried to do the best I could with no petroleum. Of course I saw a big difference but when I got the food guide and was able to truely eliminate all of the petroleum I saw an angel. All 3 kids changed for the better in ways that I would never have related to diet. I stopped having panic attacks and restless legs, I could actually go to sleep at night.
Dear Child #3 stopped peeing the bed immediately and the only accidents he had in a year were 3 times when he snuck food coloring. His asthma was totally gone within a month. This child had been to the hospital about once a month for asthma attacks before. Poeple used to ask me if he was autistic. I never got him tested but I wouldn't be surprised if we got a postitive diagnosis then. Now we can see that he still has some Sensory Integration issues but mostly they happen when he sneaks or is exposed to chemical fragrances. He's a good boy now. A boy of course and he still does dumb things but not the same. My first clue when he's sneaking is that I hear this clomping/trotting down the hall. He runs down like a gorilla horse and loves to hear the sound of his own hands and feet pounding. It's like he's de-evolved. Then he'll do a weird shreaking sound, eek, eek, eek, like a voice tic. Then when I ask him to look in my eyes he can't. I mean he physically can not look into my eyes. When he's on the diet there's no problem with any of these things.
We also found that my #2 stopped with his aggression and was able to focus on his learning. Before he was all over the place, couldn't focus for 30 seconds. Now he can sit for hours and read or do other work if needed.
#1 Child was very interesting. We always considered her such a good and perfect little girl. She wasn't disobedient and she didn't pee in the backyard, She never hit people, she loved to lay in a corner and read all day. She is so smart it's unbelievable. So, imagine my surprise when she changed. We noticed that all the whiny's were gone, there were no more episodes of "nobody likes me". She could do her math lesson in 15 minutes instead of 3 hours. We hadn't noticed that she was "doodling in her head" and couldn't focus on the issue at hand because her mind was going a million miles an hour. We found out later that she has huge sensory problems that really come out when she's eating petroleum.
I was having panic attacks at night and felt like I would burst out of my skin. That doesn't happen anymore. Well, except when I cheat and then I realize what a terrible feeling it was.
I'll add to this as I remember things and I hope to collect other great success stories to add here.

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