Monday, November 10, 2008

Do I have to use your recipes?

I got an interesting email today from someone who is diabetic and does not eat a lot of meat. She was concerned that the diet seemed to have a lot of sugar and meat. I laughed internally but it definitely seems like we're eating like that from my recipes doesn't it?

The truth is we rarely eat meat and we don't eat a lot of sugar however, I know that when first starting many people are concerned about how to make petroleum free breads, meats, and sweets. Of course anyone can make a salad or cook a vegetable right? That's why I won't be posting a lot of fruits, veggies, and simple food like that. I'll try to get them in somewhere but I assume you know how to dump a baggie of frozen vegetables into a pan and heat them up.

I do get questions about lunchmeats, hot dog subs, fast food subs, etc. Because unfortunately that's what a lot of people eat for dinner.
Same thing with breads, most people pick up a few loaves at the grocery store.
Sweets? Don't even go there Little Debbie freaks! Yeah, that's me on my cheating days. MMMMMMM red #40, so satisfying!

Anyway, remember that this website is an introduction to Feingold, if you find that you need pre-prepared foods, fast foods, soy-substitutes that have a lot of ingredients, etc you should definitely join with Feingold.

Don't be afraid to send me a recipe and I'll try to tweek it for you. Send me a normal menu, whatever.

The point of Feingold safe eating isn't to change your diets, it's just changing some of your brands of ingredients. Go ahead and eat as normal, just minus the yucky chemicals.

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