Wednesday, November 12, 2008

arroz con juevos y platinos fritos-or rice, eggs, and fried bananas

Russ made lunch today. He served a mission in Peru for 2 years and learned quite a bit about Peruvian cooking there. #1 rule, serve a fried egg on everything!

cooked rice
eggs fried in butter (soft yolk)
starchy greenish bananas

Fry your eggs (if you don't know how to fry eggs you're in trouble but I'm not going to explain it)
and when each egg is done place it on top of a mound of rice. Salt and pepper the whole thing.
Next cut some starchy bananas (not quite ripe) in half lengthwise and fry in a pat of butter or coconut oil. Fry them till they're crispy on the outsides. Put them next to the rice and egg and if you want you can sprinkle some cinnamon sugar or salt on them.

To eat, break the egg yolk over the rice and mix it all together. The egg yolk makes a sauce and there are little chunks of fried egg white mixed in.

This is a great 5 minute (with rice cooked in the rice cooker) preparation dinner and our kids all love it.

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