Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not just for kids-from my hubby

Just for everyone's benefit, this diet is not just for kids. Harmful content is harmful to everyone. Sneaking things that are bad for us because we are "adults" is like watching "adult" entertainment. If it can damage a child, it can and does damage us. How many times have you watched an adult eat something and as they are eating it they are saying "I should stop" or "I don't know why I keep eating this." They can't stop because their brain is being controlled by the ingredients in what they eat.

I believe that a lot of the issues in our current society-road rage, bad television, office and school violence, politics-are all caused by the decision making process being either shut down or delayed. The petroleum based products are made to increase appeal in the foods they are added to. That appeal makes you crave the food more so you buy more of it. If you could actually think about what you were getting you probably would not buy most of the food offered to consumers. Pour yellow or red food dye, caffeine, sugar and water into a can and you have an energy drink. Remove the caffeine and water, add wheat or corn by products and you have the average breakfast cereal. Add salt, cheese products and pepperoni and you get a hot pocket.

People are now allergic to a lot of basic foods. I have a friend who is allergic to beef. His doctor told him he is probably reacting to all the chemicals injected into beef and his body is simply activating a "safety" by alerting to beef. Your body detects harmful chemicals or ingredients and it will target the common carrier of that chemical or ingredient. People who eat simple diets as part of their culture don't show the allergy issues that we do. But when they are introduced to "modern" diets to make them just like us and "improve" their lives, they become just like us, getting allergies, addictions, health problems and all the other benefits.

From Russ

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