Monday, November 24, 2008

Fried apples

mmmmmmmmmmm, I had to put this recipe here for this cold day.

Fried Apples

We're eating these right now for dessert just plain but they'd also be good with milk or approved ice cream on top...maybe that caramel sauce that's posted below.
On top of hootenannies (hmm, I didn't post those yet) or as a side dish for dinner.
In the south I hear they're served with pork meals.

cut up apples (I used 4, tart and firm are best)
fry in 2 TBSP butter (I put the lid on till they were mostly done)
add your choice of 2 TBSP real honey, real maple syrup, cinnamon or other pie spices, or white sugar.

let cook a couple more minutes to thicken.

Eat em up!

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