Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sara's success story

Life has changed so much around here that I don't even know where to start!

My older son is happy and calm for the first time in his life. No joke. He has never been happy, not even as an infant or a toddler. 13 years of frustration, depression, misery, insomnia, stomach aches, crying jags, low self esteem and anxiety.

It has been almost 2 weeks now since his last difficult day. He finally stood up for himself to a "friend" who had been treating him poorly, he knows he deserves better now. He goes to sleep easily at night and sleeps all night without talking in his sleep, sleep walking or nightmares. He is affectionate and calm. His tolerance for pain and frustration have increased greatly. He has received compliments from his scout leaders and climbing coaches due to his vastly improved attitude, strength and stamina. I look at him now and feel hope and joy instead of sadness and despair for his future.

He is no longer scared of the world and has enrolled in school starting in February. This will be his first venture into school since his extreme social anxiety led to us homeschooling 3 years ago.

He has grown an inch and gained 10 pounds now that eating doesn't make him feel sick!

My 3 year old has been calmer too, he's not the target but we have seen some improvement in his behaviour. The biggest thing is that he is starting to eat more foods and his dairy allergy/intolerance is lessening.

He would normally refuse to eat anything other than a soy yogurt and juice for lunch. He just sat down and ate homemade bread with sharp white cheddar melted on top, some grapes and a glass of water. He is contemplating the orange pepper slices and I think he might just eat them.

We have started to introduce stage 2 foods and I am thrilled that the boys are both tolerating grapes well and we are trying tomatoes this week. I hope that goes well as it will open up a whole range of meals that we love.

My husband was extremely skeptical when we started this almost 8 weeks ago and this weekend he gave me a hug and thanked me. He is astounded by the change in the boys and completely convinced that this is the right thing for our family.

HOLY CRAP! Logan just ate the orange pepper slice, he's never eaten a vegetable in his life!!

I feel better too, I "cheated" the other day and got some Skittles to soothe a pregnancy craving. I ate half the package and felt sick for 3 hours.

Sorry it was so long, I just wanted to share our success.

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