Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

OK, this is my first post about Thanksgiving Dinner. A friend requested holiday tips so here they are...when dealing with family in the beginning I sent out a letter that had the always acceptable list and an explanation of what we were doing and why. I'm sure many people threw it in the garbage but some wanted more info.
Then, whenever we had a get together I would say, can I bring ______ because it's safe for my kids to eat. Eventually the nice members of our family saw a change in my kids and started remembering that _______ was safe for the kids so they would bring it. Then I could ask to bring another ______ and so on and so on.
Even if someone normally brings a salad but they're willing to put the dressing on the side it helps so much!
So, on to a few recipes. I will put these under the topic "thanksgiving" so you can look up a nice plan when you're ready.
Here's a basic menu of what I'll be making or asking people to bring.

Turkey (minimally processed)
fresh cranberry sauce
homemade rolls
fresh steamed carrots with butter
fresh steamed green beans with butter
baked caramelized sweet potatoes
pumpkin and apple pie
sweetened whipped cream
seltzer water mixed with 100% frozen apple cranberry juice

It's a very simple menu and besides the turkey and pie it will take about 30 minutes of my time.
If you have a favorite Thanksgiving recipe send it to me and I'll see if it's safe or can use some tweaking.

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foxymama said...

Hi Dana! Angela Strauch here. Have any ideas on how to make deviled eggs or eggnog feingold-worthy? Thanks!