Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doubting Family

This is a post that asked to copy here...

I had put myself and my 18month at the time on the program(she is now 4)
due to eczema and the my oldest (age 11-1/2 at the time now 15 ) was
diagnosed with ADD and they wanted to put her on meds. I showed my husband
the side effects of the meds so he gave me 2 months to change his

1st off we made 6 weeks worth of menu's
that he approved.... lol. I made pretty much the same thing as always
and our food budget changed by $4.00 a week.

He never even noticed a difference in the food except he missed
lasagna and spaghetti. I had not figure out how to do that yet.

About 3 1/2 week into the program we noticed a wonderful difference
and then about 4 1/2 weeks into it we had a slip up, someone gave her
those fish crackers, boy was that a long 2 days. That was
all it took to change his mind.

I know that it is hard to convince some
people of the problems that food can cause but once most people see
the difference their eyes can be opened.

Her behavior is as normal as it can be for a 15 year
old teenage girl. I still have attitude.... LOL but it is normal
attitude not disruptive or destructive. She actually likes
herself...most of the time :). Her grade are good and her teachers
comment on what a wonderful person she is turning into. What a
difference from her elementary and middle school year. I wish we
would have found this out sooner.

As for my little one as long as
she does not get anything she is able to have then no allergy
problems but her dr. and I figure that if she was exposed to
unapprove items she would probably be ADHD. When she had for example
colored fish crackers(a teacher gave them as a snack even though I
had provided approve snack for her....arghhhh. .....long story) she is
literally climbing the walls. She actually tried to ride our dog and
colored on the walls which she has never done before and her drawings
changed from trying really hard to stay in the lines to who cares
where the lines are.

Rebecca S.

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