Saturday, November 22, 2008

from ADHD to "off the charts I.Q."

When my DS was eligable for Kindergarden he had pencil and paper issues as
well as attention issues, but he was very sharp and knew all the
answers. The school told me he's ADHD, gave me printouts on it and
said to take him to his pediatrician and put him on a low dose med and
he'd be fine. I started looking for answers and found diet and the
junk in our food could affect behavior. We started removing
additives from my children's diets just less than 2 years ago, at
first I did it on my own and thought I was doing good. Then I found

I was overwhelmed, I got rid of 17 bags of groceries and went
into it head first. Within the first 5 days my son could color in a
square, and things got better from there. We've since added and
played around with Stage 2 items and there seems to be much that I
need to restrict in the way of silicates, but FG changed everything.

This year when we took DS back for Kindergarden again, they said he
was gifted and his IQ was off the charts. Sure he's still a 6 years old
with lots of energy and some attitude issues, but he's manageable and
succeeding in school.

Since starting FG I see so many families that could benefit from
this, I'm an advocate for it all the time. My nephews need this
diet, but when the kids refused the food and they don't like aunt-
michele's syrup, my SIL quit.

A dear friend watched me do this for a
year and just started herself, she's seeing results for both her
children, it's amazing.


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