Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time and money savers

A mom on the Feingold board was discouraged today because of the "extra cost" of Feingold so I'd like to post some of the great suggestions that were made. There may be an initial cost increase because of replacing things like condiments but after that most people save money because their kids aren't asking for all the yuckys at the store and many people (myself included) have reported major savings in doctor bills, medicine, and over the counter medicine.

Here are some extra ways to save money and time...

Once a month, make a huge batch of cookie dough, roll it into little balls and freeze on cookie sheets. Put the frozen dough balls into a big ziploc in the freezer and you can cook them from frozen whenever you want fresh cookies. I use a small ice cream scooper to make the balls and just plop them on the cookie sheet. It's ok if they're right next to each other. They'll come apart enough when you freeze them.

If your kids like instant oatmeal packets make your own for about 5-10 cents a packet

Google once a month cooking for ideas on freezing meals and soups.

Make a huge batch of bread or other baked goods, slice, package, and freeze

Don't try to have all the name brand already made stuff, homemade bulk mixes and snacks work great.

Order from Amazon or if you have an Azure Standard drop nearby order from them, they're great and you're supporting an organic family business.

Learn to stretch your meat farther, buy a whole chicken then use the carcass for chicken stock or chicken soup. Don't add the full amount of meat to a recipe.

Start to love homemade popcorn. A quadruple batch with a WHOLE CUBE of butter only costs 50 cents-a dollar depending on how much your butter costs. Compare that to the cost of a small bag of cookies.

Don't buy expensive lunchmeat, cook an extra chicken or turkey and cut the meat into thin slices and package in baggies. Use the bits of meat that nobody likes, process or cut into small pieces, mix with mayo for chicken salad with lettuce, a tortilla, or bread in a sandwich.

When you find a good deal add extra to your pantry for storage, then you don't have to run out and buy it at regular price.

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