Monday, November 10, 2008

Turkey-Thanksgiving Dinner

Just start Turkey shopping early. Find a turkey that says minimally processed. We had good luck with the Archer Farms turkeys from Target last year. They had a solution of real butter and salt added. Yes, you might pay a little more but remember that you're paying for 18% weight of a "phosphate solution" normally so you're really getting a good deal for all your meat.
We bought 6 turkeys last year and every other month I cooked one, packaged the meat into freezer bags, and used it for sandwiches for the month.
The turkey carcass goes into the stewpot or gets broken up into the crockpot and simmers on low for 2 days, then gets strained and picked. It makes the best broth ever.
I use the broth for a base for rice or soup. The gelatin that comes out from the long, slow cooking is amazing nutrition.

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