Monday, November 10, 2008

A reader question from Hopefilled

Here's a question from Hopefilled..."what was the hardest part about starting and how soon did you see results"

I think I just didn't realize how much of a difference I'd see. In my mind I thought I just wouldn't have the time, I didn't want to cook from scratch, and honestly the biggest thing was probably that I didn't have a lot of hope that it would work. Every bit of the challenge was worth it once I saw the results. Once we got our Feingold book it was much easier also cause we could pick up packaged food also and know it was safe, we could also go out to eat.
The changes were almost instantaneous for us. When we started, we really started. No infractions with food, no "just a little" here and there. The day after Andrew was petroleum free I remember looking at Russ and saying, what happened? Look, he's just sitting!

After about 3 days later I said, "look at me so I can give you instructions." and he actually looked in my eyes. He hadn't looked in my eyes since he was a baby. He also remembered the 3 or 4 step instruction that I gave him. Remarkable!

It just got better and better. That's when I started noticing the differences with my other kids and myself too. The time I spent on cooking was free time because I gained my sanity back.

One of the great things is that picky kids stop being so picky. I've noticed it time and time again with so many kids. Kids that wouldn't try anything suddenly stop having food aversions. Andrew would actually throw up before when he had certain textures like squash or cooked onions. Now he'll try just about anything. The pic above is his first poori and garbanzo's in an eastern style. It was so easy to make and very different tasting. Cooked onions and everything. He scarfed it right down.

You'll notice the biggest difference when your kid has petroleum AFTER they've been off of it. We had that experience a week afterwards. We found out later that the primary teacher was giving him candy at church. Sunday night he was wild, had night terrors and peed the bed, started doing the all 4's running, etc etc etc. There's nothing like a rebound to make you realize what you've been doing to your kid.

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