Sunday, November 9, 2008

It doesn't taste "right"

Do you start out cooking and think, "but it doesn't taste right."? Let's remember that petroleum is addicting and we are probably well addicted. In addition to the petroleum most highly processed food includes tons of MSG which tricks our brains into thinking things taste good.
When we cook from scratch somehow we want to make it all healthy so we also seem to cut down the salt, sugar, and fat. Of course it doesn't taste "right"!
Don't be afraid when you're beginning to add more salt, add sugar to dinner, and keep all the fat. You can slowly take it out as you get used to the lack of food coloring and artificial flavoring.
Most recipes have nowhere near the amount as processed food.
Can you remember the taste of spaghetti o's? I remember that taste and it was sickeningly sweet. Jello? There's nothing in nature that tastes like cherry Jello. Cherries certainly do not. Plain gelatin and cherry juice are not going to taste like cherry Jello. If you want that taste you will need to add an extra cup or two of sugar to the juice.
Go for it, get used to it for a while, give yourself permission and you're still eating much better than you were.
As you detox your taste buds won't need it anymore. You will find that your taste buds simplify and you will be satisfied with much simpler tastes.

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