Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ingrid's success story

We began Feingold early this year. I think around May. So we've had about 6 months of mostly petro-free living!!! YIPPEE!!! We've had occasional slip-ups, but most have been accidents or unavoidable (we can't help it when we walk into somebody else's home and they've been burning a candle with artificial scents)! Here are the differences that we've noticed!

When my first child was about 1 or 2, I began noticing some *differences* in her. She would hyper-focus on things and not really play nicely with friends. She would occasionally hurt them just for fun. It was difficult for me to take her to play dates. As she grew up, I continued to notice little things here and there that made her different from other children her age. It would take me at least 3 times of telling her to do something before she fully understood what I was asking her to do. And these were simple things, like put your shoes away. She used to pick at and poke at her siblings and not even notice when they sat there yelling that she was bothering them. She would get over-emotional about any little thing. She was also very selfish about silly things. For example, one *reaction day*, Hubby and I woke up to the wonderful sound of children fighting. After about an hour of trying to discuss the situation and get to the bottom of it, we finally figured out that child #4 was playing with a hair band that belonged to child #1. Now this was no special hair band. This was simply a glorified rubber band; one of a package of about 20 that she had recently been given. Child #1 was throwing a huge fit, screaming and crying and yelling "It's MINE!" over and over again. She had no other argument, just "It's MINE!". It reminded me of a 2 yo just learning the concept of possession! Now, it's very rare when we hear problems like that. She stills has times when she takes forever to figure out what she's being asked, but these are much less frequent! She gets her schoolwork and housework done fairly quickly and easily now!

Our 9 year-old was diagnosed with psoriasis when she was barely 5. At one point, it covered what seemed like 80% of her body. Now, she has a couple of very small unnoticeable spots. She also had uncontrollable angry fits and would occasionally get physical with her siblings. Hardly anything now! She's helpful and kind and enjoyable now! It's so wonderful to see her clear beautiful skin!

Our 6 year-old has Sensory Issues and was having night terrors about 3-5 times a week. She was whiny and cried over everything. Everything went in her mouth...even at the age of 6! Whenever we had adult friends over, she would get right in their face and climb on them and hug them and hold them and not let them go. This kind of behavior is normal when it lasts a few minutes. It goes overboard when it lasts longer than that. This child would do this for the entire time our friends were here...unless we specifically told her to leave the room. Now the only time she has night terrors is when she is exposed to chemical smells or if we aren't aware of a petroleum product in a food. When friends come over, she hugs and loves them, but isn't a cling-on during the entire visit! We still see sensory issues, but they aren't nearly as severe as they were.

Our 4 year-old probably would've been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder if we took him in for testing. His ears would turn bright red, he got very loud, wouldn't obey or listen when somebody told him they don't like what he's doing, and he could be quite mean and selfish. No amount of disciplining techniques would change his behavior. I was ashamed and embarrassed to take him anywhere because he was always so horrible to be around. He now has control of himself and doesn’t throw fits over every little thing anymore. He's fun to be around and he's a sweet little boy. He is of course a boy, rowdy and gets into stuff, but it's now a normal amount and not uncontrollable!

We have a 2 yo also, but I was extremely cautious with her food before we joined Feingold. Therefore, we haven’t noticed a difference in her. The difference I do notice is in comparison to the other kids at the same age. Most 2 yo's have this defiant, independent attitude that becomes a problem with parents. This little one is sweet and obedient! She does sometimes try to exert her independence in an inappropriate way, but she very quickly turns her attitude around! She's so much easier and more pleasant than any of my other children at this age!

My husband and I have more energy and have clearer heads than we ever have before! I can think *before* I talk, and I can be rational and realize that things don't necessarily have to be *MY way*.

Hubby is going to school after a brain injury. He is currently in the middle of his 4th semester. The previous 3 were horribly stressful for him. He couldn't handle the changes and the requirements that were put on him. This time around, his school load is no less difficult, but he's handling it so easily! The stresses aren't getting him down!

I agree completely, it's like a drug! When I cheat, I find myself wanting more and more, unable to control myself with how much I'm eating!


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